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What we do

Movest's legal team guide and support innovative Kiwi's to thrive everyday. 


Legal Guidance & Transactions

Movest provides the legal services traditionally offer by general law practices; assisting people buying, selling, leasing and developing property, startup/business advice and other related services. We offer flexibility and innovation in the manner in which we deliver these services.


Virtual General Council

Movest Virtual General Council is like having your own in-house council for your business; a seasoned business advisor that knows your business and works collaboratively with you to grow and support it, without the prohibitive costs of hiring full time in-house council.


Where do I begin?


 GEt in touch for a free 15 minute telephone consultation

Whether you are:

  • thinking about making a change; buying a new home or business, selling, developing, or need something updating but still are not sure exactly what you want or where to start; or

  • you have found the property or business of your dreams and are ready to buy or sell; or

  • you already own the property or business of your dreams, but are ready for other changes and are not sure where to next; then

an initial telephone consultation with us is a great starting point.  We can then provide you with information about what needs to happen next and the approximate costs and time-frames for these options, and put you in touch with the best people to help you achieve your goal.

Here at Movest, we like to make things as straight forward as possible for you by taking care of everything.  But if you are the type to want to know how it all works or need some questions answered, check out our helpful information pages.  You are, of course, also welcome to call or email us to discuss your questions at any time.


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No matter what stage of the process you are at, even if you are just thinking about making a change to your lifestyle, pre-registering with Movest, FREE and with no obligation, gives you a great chance of success.  Click here to find out more. 


You're always one decision away from a totally different life.  Make it what you will!



Residential construction specialists

At Movest, we love working closely with everyday Kiwis who desire a brand new house.  Building a new house or buying/selling off the plans is not the same as for an existing property.  There is a lot more to think about and to make sure you get right before you commit.  It is so important to get the contract right.  While we are big advocates of building new, we appreciate that there is a lot that can wrong if you don’t lay sturdy foundations.   We offer specialist legal advice on build contracts and house and land packages. 

We also love to work with SMEs in the residential construction industry to support, foster and encourage them and to transact their deals.  We get to know your business so we can ensure you have all the necessary commercial contracts in place specially tailored to your needs to ensure your protection.  And we continue to work alongside you, transacting property and commercial deals for you, all the while staying abreast of your business goals and aspirations, as well as what is going on in the construction industry that might impact your business, so that we can ensure you are receiving the best advice and guidance to ensure your business reaches its full potential. 

We also

Before you sign a sale and purchase agreement or a build contract, please contact us to ensure your project will run smoothly from contract to completion.



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