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Movest; a new approach to legal services.


About us

We are new age lawyers. highly experienced, innovative, and transforming the way lawyers, legal executives, consultants and legal teams work in new zealand BY WORKING FLEXIBLY WITH OUR CLIENTS, using up-to-date ideals and technology. 

Movest was created to offer those who want to love what they do the support and guidance of a partner with a values-led culture that promotes holding on to the reason that led you down your current path. We believe that meaning should go hand-in-hand with money, and we shy away from the ‘success-at-all-costs’ narrative that has traditionally shaped the world of business.

Our competitive advantage is through collaboration with our clients and other like-minded professionals, as well as our value led culture promoting flexibility and work-life fit, and innovative approach. We believe that business is always personal, because business involves people.

Movest is a boutique lifestyle consulting brand created in 2015 by founder and director Stacey Graves to offer everyday Kiwis and SME's a quality legal service. Stacey loves to give others the confidence to pursue the lifestyle of their dreams. Sometimes it takes boldness or even a bit of creativity to get that lifestyle you have in mind.  Movest are specialists in helping you to find that boldness by being involved in your project as if we were one of your team. With passion and a can-do attitude, we will educate, guide and support you and provide you with high quality, comprehensive legal advice and guidance throughout your project.   

Our Location; we can help throughout New Zealand

Our head office is in Karaka, Auckland, and our consultants can assist throughout Auckland, or remotely throughout New Zealand.  If you would prefer to deal with us over the phone or by email that is usually possible.  Or we are happy to meet you for a coffee at the local cafe, or at one of our office locations, or even yours if you prefer. 

We also help Kiwis throughout New Zealand make their lifestyle dreams a reality with our online service.  


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Stacey Graves


Joss Orum

Legal Executive


The goal is living your life on your terms!




There are people who simply live their lives.  And then there are people who take charge of their lives and pursue their dreams so fearlessness that they design a life of purpose that they love.  They want it all; freedom to live life where and how they want to on their own terms.  And they go for it all. 

It is this attitude that is at the core of the Movest brand, it’s employees and the guidance and support we offer.    



At Movest our goal is to live life on our terms and to help our clients do the same.  We are lawyers with passion.  We recognise that a persons home, investment property or business can greatly enhance their lifestyle.  Be it creating the perfect family home to raise children in, or rental investment properties that supplement income offering more work/life balance, or a family business giving you flexibility to work when suits you; we love to help people achieve their ambitions.

Movest's awesome staff all appreciate the excitement that comes from buying or developing a new house or business and are focused on delivering the ultimate client experience.  They all live and breathe our core values every day:



Work + life ‘fit’





social responsibility





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